Redirective crash cushion
repositionable after impact

ZMP is a redirective crash cushion consisting of a modular structure of telescopic steel cylinders capable of absorbing and dissipating the energy released in the event of impact with a vehicle.
The system has been tested and has passed successfully the trials indicated by the European regulation UNI EN 1317-3It has been specifically designed for the protection of fixed obstacles, road junctions, etc...
ZM series crash cushions are certified per family, as pointed out in prospect 4 of the regulation according to their use (Parallel and Large) and to the speed range (50,80,100,110 Km/h).

• Extremely compact and resistant both during installation / assembly and during transport and placement.

• Main structure common to all types (Parallel, Large); interchangeable lateral blades.

• Certified installation on any type of ground (soil, reinforced concrete, bituminous conglomerate);

• No need for concrete base.

• Does not use anchor chains or tension cables.

• Fully repositionable after impact within the UNI EN 1317 crash test standards;

• Can be equipped with maintenance kit (sacrificial bolts + head) to be used in the event of an impact with vehicle for complete repositioning.

ZMP 110

ZMP 100

ZMP 80

ZMP 50