Temporary barrier

The Shark barrier has been specifically designed for the protection of construction sites on any route or highway.

The system consist in metal modules with a length of 6.00m and with a shape similar to New Jersey ET100 concrete.

Successful crash tests (TB21 e TB41) prove that the device meets the requirements indicated by the European standard UNI EN 1317-1 and 2: 2010.

The device has been classified as an T3 with a working width W2.

• Extremely compact and resistant both during installation / assembly and during transport and positioning.
• Quick and certified installation on asphalt with ground constraints mainly in the beginning and end of the barrier.
• Possibility of moving the barrier according to site needs without a crane, but with the only use of the wheels and trolley with which each module is equipped.
• The limited dynamic deflection during an impact with heavy vehicles allows its installation even in conditions of the reduced width of the carriageway, ensuring adequate protection of the construction site areas.
• Possibility of integration with any type of upper protection (dust shield, net...).